Josh’s Musings – 6 Feet Deep

Gravediggaz – 6 Feet Deep: 3.5 stars

Precon: Horrorcore, although I hate to use that word. Somehow I’ve never listened to them, even though I like RZA and Prince Paul. I was aware of them back in the 90’s, mainly because my father’s high school band was called The Gravediggers, but I had yet to branch out past Beasties and Arrested Development at that point.

Favorite Track: Constant Elevation
Least Favorite: Bang Your Head. I have a feeling this won’t stick as least favorite, but for now it’s the one where I started to get annoyed.

Love the horror-y sounding piano on the first song. Also get a kick out of their message: “We’re the Gravediggaz…don’t be scared.”
Prince Paul can definitely be heard. “Nowhere to Run” sounds just like an old school De La song, well, the beat at least.
Grym Reaper really wants to sound like ODB.
The piano on “6 Feet Deep” is perfectly out of tune. This might have been my favorite song if it wasn’t for the staccato-y (right word? 40?) chorus.
I immediately loved this album, then some of the vocals started to get on my nerves. I assume it was what they were going for, and I like it in measured doses, but I don’t want every song to be throaty scream-rapping. The beats are awesome though and do a good job creating an eery atmosphere. Enjoyed it overall, I might get it.

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