Chris’s Cuts – 6 Feet Deep

Preconceptions: I loved this album when I was 15. But 15 year old me was quite a bit different than 32 year old me, maybe a lotta bit weirder. I listened to this album on tape right before I gave my tapes to Goodwill and I didn’t like it as much as I did when I was in high school so my main preconception for this album is that I get the feeling that the aging process has not been kind to it.

After Listening: It was a lot better than the last time I listened to it. And musically I have an appreciation for it now that I didn’t really have when I was 15. At that age I was just rapping alone to lyrics that would have given my mother a heart attack. That brings up an interesting point, I didn’t really find this album all that shocking today. Maybe its just that I’ve heard all these songs a hundred times, or maybe it’s the fact that living in 2011 desensitizes you a bit, or maybe its because Odd Future took Gravediggaz ball and ran with it. Although this is labeled “horrorcore” it doesn’t really sound like an angry album, usually I’d say that the people recording it seem happy.

Favorites: Today my favorite track was 2 Cups of Blood, I love the way Rza’s verse bounces off the track. Although it would get boring after a while, in general, I want all my hip hop to have that sort of lyrics/music interplay.
Least: Deathtrap – Seemed corny and tired.

Overall: I liked it. Back in 1994 the Rza’s ego wasn’t sufficiently inflated to where he could balk at the idea of recording an album produced by Prince Paul. Too bad that isn’t the case today. I liked this album a lot, there was really only one song that I didn’t like. This is my first time listening to it on a computer, and probably only my second listen all time that wasn’t on cassette. I’m giving it a solid 4.25 for being even better than I remember.

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