Chris’s Cuts – Are You Experienced?

Preconceptions: I know Jimi, I know most of the albums. I know that he’s a virtuoso on the guitar and I know all the hits, but usually the album cuts don’t really do much for me.

After Listening: Well, Jimi is awesome. That much is clear. But you can’t have an album of him just playing for 40 minutes so you have to add lyrics and other musicians and that’s when things get mucked up a bit. I love the hits (how could you not?), but I mostly want to skip the album cuts. As Forte said, I wish we were listening to Band of Gypsies instead (or even Electric Ladyland).

Favorites: The Hits
Least: The Album Cuts

Overall: As with a lot of albums my main criticism with this is that it just feels like the 10 songs he had written at the time. No theme, no coherence. Just songs. However, the thing Jimi has going for him is that he’s Jimi Hendrix and even his worst song is better than most people’s best song simply by virtue of his talent with a guitar. I love the good songs, I’m mostly indifferent about the others. A solid 3.0.

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