Seth Surmises – Dusty in Memphis

Dusty Springfield- Dusty in Memphis

Precon: Dusty Springfield is one of those 60s artist I know I have heard but can’t remember what songs they do.

Post: Oh, right. That whitelady soul Preacher Man chick. Got it.

Favs: Son of a Preacher Man is one of those songs I have heard karaoke versions 10 times more than the original. It’s a good song but with headphones, the bass line is awesome. That dude saved it from being a country song. Breakfast in Bed (Cuz cheatin’ songs is the best songs), No Easy Way Down
Least Fav: In the Land of Make Believe & I Can’t Make It Alone When a woman starts a conversation with “What I’m gonna tell you now won’t be easy to say”, it’s almost always much harder to hear.

Overall: While the songwriting is inconsistent and the whole production is heavy on the schmaltzy strings, Springfield’s voice carries the album. If this album were a Facebook account, I’d accept a friend request, but I wouldn’t help it out with its Farmville.

Rating: 3.2

Extra Credit: Petula Clark- Downtown

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