Paul’s Perceptions – Dusty in Memphis

Preconceptions: All I know is Son of a Preacher Man, and I’m not sure I even knew that she sang that until she popped up in Record Club.

After Listening: Well, I was up and down on this record. There are things I like and then things that I don’t really care for. I think that its just a little too damn overbearingly melodramatic sounding at times, and that really bugs me. At the same time, Dusty has a truly beautiful and amazing voice and that kinda keeps me from totally hating anything on the album. Bottom line is that the melodrama threatens to neuter a great voice, and that pisses me off. If I wasn’t so mellow from the oppressively sappy second half of Dusty in Memphis, I might actually pound my fist on my desk about it, or some similarly irrational reaction.

Favorites: Son of a Preacher Man; Don’t Forget About Me
Least: Just One Smile; The Windmills of You Mind (I mean, seriously with the title of this song? That’s an example of the sappy melodrama I was talking about. “The Windmills of Your Mind”—gimme a break, Dusty. Come off it, girl! Let your soul roll, baby! Release the beast and get down! I wanna hear more  Preacher Mantype sh*it.)

Overall: 3.2 stars

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