Chris’s Cuts – Dusty in Memphis

Preconceptions: I was skeptical about Dusty Springfield being any more than a one hit wonder. I realize that she’s had several albums, but I couldn’t name one. And she’s obviously got other songs, but again, I couldn’t name one.

After Listening: It was more or less what I expected. Songs about love and love lost, sung by a capable singer. 2.5 seems fair.

Favorites: I Don’t Want to Hear it Anymore – I like the line about the wall being too thin to argue, that’s a great line and it can write a story in your head by itself. To me that’s impressive.
Least: I have no true least favorite here, most of the songs that aren’t my favorite and aren’t Son of a Preacher man are pretty much the same.

Overall: I could sum up this album in three words if I were being paid for brevity. It was fine. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing really spectacular. There are plenty of artists who write better songs about love. Plenty who write better songs about love lost. (plenty of artists who write their own songs, for that matter). As far as Dusty’s voice goes, its pretty good. But certainly not top 10 good. And if it was then it would have to be #10.

Alcohol: Sam Adams – its great when you’re thirsty for it. Okay most other times.

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