40’s Insights – God Loves Ugly

Preconceived Notions: I know nothing about these guys.

After Listening: This was terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible.   Can I get a Barkley up in here for a turribel? I mean maybe the musical accompaniment if sold instrumental would interest me slightly more.  But to me the verses on this thing suck.   A huge collection of clichés – many of them aimed at me I guess, b/c I refuse to enjoy them so f me.  I get it.  Even the twists are stupid and underdeveloped…like the end of “Hair” – car crash…ummm ok.  Thanks for trying to be different with one line I guess It’s bland and while the flow isn’t offensive in most places, it hardly changes from song to song. The backing on this is decent, but it’s nothing that 100’s of other DJ’s haven’t produced.

Overall: 1.6 I’m going straight to the overall, b/c picking a turd out of this bowl one way or the other is just not worth it.  It gets a few points for some of the backing piano stuff, and other elements.  But to say it’s nothing special is an insult to clichés.

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40 has had training enough in classical theory to know roughly what he's talking about. As for talent, he considers himself a crappy guitar player. He has a BA in Audio & Sound Recording BA, so not only does music creation intrigue him, but also music production. He believes that expression takes all forms, and it has to be remembered that music is an art form and is ultimately about connection, communication, experimentation, creativity, freedom, emotion, and 100’s of other things.

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