Josh’s Musings – God Loves Ugly

Atmosphere – God Loves Ugly: 3 stars

Precon: Got this right around when it dropped. I like Atmosphere, have a few albums, but never took that extra step with them.

Favorite Track: Ugh, not much variance. The individual song ratings probably range from 2.5-3.5. I guess I’ll go with the first track “Onemosphere.” Here’s my real favorite Atmosphere song:

Least Favorite: No pick. I usually try to pick a least favorite even if I don’t explicitly dislike anything, but I can’t seem to do it here. I would gladly accept a few stinkbombs for just one or two amazing tracks but it’s more or less a flatline with this album.

It’s as mired in undergroundiness as I remember. Decent, maybe a little depressing at times (or a lot), interesting lyrics, but no real pizzazz. The beats and Slug’s delivery just get boring after a while. I haven’t listened to any Atmosphere in a while and, sadly, did not miss them. I was hoping I would listen to this and be like aw yeah why haven’t I popped this in in the past 5 years but no. It’s just ok. I know the Lucy Ford compilation album before this was better and I think the one after, Seven’s Travels, might have been better too. I stopped buying their albums after that, but reading the wiki article, I see they’ve changed up their syle a bit so maybe I’ll Grooveshark their last one and see how it is.

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