Chris’s Cuts – God Loves Ugly

Preconceptions: This was my pick so my preconceptions were mainly trying to guess how much Forte would hate it, how much Paul would love it, how much Josh would say its okay but certainly no Lifesavas, how much Seth would be happy they’re not rapping about money and rims, and whether or not Christina or Marissa would like it at all. As well as whether or not time would change my opinion of it.

After Listening: I was mainly disappointed by how Grooveshark wasn’t using the same source material for the album and I had to keep adjusting the volume. And even more of a pisser was that it was always quiet during my favorite songs. To my ears this album stacks up well with anything being produced nowadays, musically at least. The rapping is hit or miss, as are the choruses, but to me the misses don’t really bother me all that much. Or maybe in the 9 years that I’ve had this I’ve just gotten used to them.

Favorites: Bass & the Movement – “From the top of Fiji to the bottom of Christina Ricci” is one of my favorite lines ever. I also love Modern Man’s Hustle, because it reminds me of living in Texas. I hear that song and all of a sudden I’m on I-35 heading home from Fort Worth, its 96 degrees or so, and I’m cruising home at a comfortable 70 miles an hour. Vampires – I’m not much for the lyrics but this would be my favorite instrumental track.
Least: Hair – Mostly because it’s the precursor to a track on their next album called “issues” that is super annoying and super sucks.

Overall: I’ve loved this album for a long time, and I still do. It’s the sound of regular dudes rapping about regular dude stuff. No pretensions on being tougher than you, or richer, or even better in the sack. The music feels to me like its trying harder than 90% of the hip hop created then or now, and even on the tracks that I don’t really like the sound of I appreciate the sound of trying, of “going for it”. 4.8

Alcohol: Guinness – As tasty today as it was the first time you had it all those years ago.

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