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Preconceived Notions:  I’m prepared to love this.  Marvin Gaye has one of the best voices of all time.  There’s nothing he couldn’t sing and instantly make a song better.  This is more of a serious foray into the more revolutionary attitudes of the time, but I love him.  I’m a big fan.  I’ve heard singles from this album all the time, but just never listened to the whole thing.

After Listening:  I think it’s one of the most cohesive total albums we’ve listened to.  That being said, there was also a lot of similar song structure/song message, not a lot of experimenting going on.  That’s ok for me, though, because I’m pretty willing to give Marvin the benefit of any doubt.  I think, especially looking at the time period in which it was made and the kind of artist that Marvin Gaye was before this, I understand why it seemed like more of a departure and why people were kind of clamoring for something like this.

Overall: 4….it was riding pretty near a 5 until Wholy Holy, there was just too much literal preaching in that one.

Favorite Track: Mercy, Mercy Me (so much groove it’s ridiculous)

Least Favorite Track: Wholy Holy

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