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Stevie—Songs in the Key of Life

Preconceptions: I looked at the tracks and I’m familiar with a few of them at least. I’m kinda just familiar with Stevie in general, so this should be fun to listen to the whole album, because I’ve yet to do that. That said, I generally regard him as awesome

After Listening: This album is a masterpiece and had a few moments that transcended just music, and really evoked some real emotion from me, for a variety of personal reasons. It’s epic, bold and though I probably don’t have the ear of a music scholar or anything, sounds to be incredibly complex, but in a beautiful way. It’s sounds simultaneously ahead of its time, and nostalgic. Stevie’s voice is solid, as usual, and it is also full of thoughtful and unpretentious social commentary. I love it.

Favorites: Have a Talk with God, Sir Duke, I Wish, Village Ghetto Land, Black Man and Isn’t She Lovely
Least: None—every song is at least good

Overall: 5 Stars

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