Seth Surmises – Edutainment

Boogie Down Productions- Edutainment

Pre: I was the only white guy at my job when Scott LaRock was killed. Everyone on my crew gave me a crash course in rap music at a time when white punk rockers were never exposed to rap. The politics of KRS-One reminded me of Minor Threat and I liked it.

Post: If rap still was this good, I’d still buy rap.

Faves: Blackman in Effect- Early 90s Afrocentrism started with valid social criticism but veered into historical revisionism and conspiracy theory but the song is still good. Love’s Gonna Get’cha is a strong critique of Hip Hop materialism. Edutainment’s sample of Don Drummond makes this my favorite rap track ever.
Least Favorites: Exhibits A-F seem to be a lecture series hosted in an animal shelter. How many dogs are in that audience? 7 Dee Jays is 6 too many. This Real World chick hates her some Margaret Thatcher. Me too, but the dancehall toasting is a bit, um… inauthentic? Beef is interesting but its science is weaker than its 1985 Casio synth backing track.

Rating: 4.7

Overall: While some of the production is a bit dated, this album is still many orders of magnitude better than anything on urban radio today. Lyrically and politically aggressive like the best of Reagan/Thacher-era punk rock.

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Seth (in a nutshell) is an aging punk rocker and five year resident of Cubistan, taking the office job after many years in music & fashion retail. He is a lifelong New England resident, with the exception of a year spent in Orlando Florida, the armpit of the universe. He is a skeptical cynic with a hairtrigger bullshit detector. Seth lives in Brass City, Connecticut with his wife, Vicki; his cat, Norwegian Black Metal; and his wife’s cat, who’s name he forgets.

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