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BDP _- EdutainmentPreconceptions: I’ve never listened to this album, but I know of it, and I remember the song and video for Material Love. I like KRS and BDP a bunch, so here we go.

After Listening: I know this album is pretty old now, and I’m not sure this is KRS at his best, either in the songs or exhibits, but I like it. I appreciate the undressed sort of approach to it—in other words, the social commentary isn’t really presented in some forced metaphor or whatever, and when there is metaphor or allegory, it doesn’t seem overbearing or pretentious. This album also takes me back to a time when I was very much into rap music, so that’s cool too.

Favorites: Material Love, Edutainment & Ya Know the Rules
Least: The Homeless—I didn’t really like the production on that song. Not terrible though

Overall: 3.7 stars

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