Josh’s Musings – Edutainment

Boogie Down Productions – Edutainment: 4 stars

Precon: I’ve heard early BDP and late KRS but I’m missing a lot of stuff in the middle. I’m assuming this is the one where he really becomes “The Teacher.” I like him well enough but never got too into his stuff partly because of the expansive catalog. I’m hoping he brings it on this one.

Favorite Track: Blackman in Effect/7 Dee Jays
Least Favorite: Nothing stood out on the first listen.

Good stuff from KRS. His edutaining might get a little tiresome, especially when so much is packed into one album, but there’s a lot of insight to be found here. The beats are good for the most part. His rapping is clear and forceful, though somewhat stuck in old school phrasing. My main problem with KRS is that he doesn’t have much of a flow. It’s not a make or break thing, he gets by on his powerful delivery, but it sticks out sometimes. On this album, though, it kind of fits the lesson plan.

Josh (49 Posts)

He may look like just an ordinary pizza flingin’ oven jockey, but no—this dude can lay the smack down with the bets of em’. He’s Josh, the "Brick Oven", and he’s the owner and head cook at Josh’s Joint. Who does he lay the smack down on exactly? His customers, that’s who. Order something the wrong way—catch a body blow. Ask for extra garlic in a rude manner—smack to your grill space. Walk into his joint like you own the place—your head goes through the soda fountain machine right quick. This motherfu*ker doesn’t mess around. He once gave a dude an atomic wedgie and stuffed his face in a toilet just for calling him “chief”. Come in his restaurant talkin’ bout, “can I get some garlic knots”, while he’s watching Judge Judy, and you just might get your ass handed to you with a side of Josh’s famous pizza sauce. If by some miracle you are able to duck his punches or fight off his attacks, you then might be invited to his afterhours fight club, which he holds in the back alley behind the restaurant.

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