Chris’ Cuts-What’s Going On

Preconceptions: I know that this album is very highly regarded, like all time top 10 highly regarded. I know that there is a political element to it. I’m pretty sure I own it as well, but maybe not.

 After Listening: Its pretty good. I didn’t realize it was a concept album until I read the wiki page, I just thought to myself “hey, these tracks seem to blend together”. But after reading about it I would say my enjoyment was enhanced slightly knowing the “story”. It’s a very smooth album with no serious defects.

 Favorites: the hit singles, I realize this isn’t a cool pick but those song aren’t bona-fide timeless classics for no reason.

 Least: Save the Children. But only because I had to pick one.

 Overall: 4. A really solid 4. I cant find any problems at all with this album and yet, I can’t quite give it 5 star classic status. Maybe it’s the fact that the two bookends of the album overshadow everything in-between. I like this. I can see how other people like it. I have a hard time understanding how someone could hate it, but I’m sure people do.

 Albums as Alcohol: Bushmills 21 Year Single Malt + 3 drops of water to open it up. Exceptional smoothness, pleasant taste, classy, yet not pompous.

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