40’s Insights – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Preconceived Notions:  None, I have no idea who or what this is….

After Listening:   I wish I could go back to my preconceived notions, life was sweeter then.  After somehow making it the 40mins I went to a lot of those sites wiki mentions as giving dap to this lump.  I still don’t get it.  Nor do I want to, they seem to be lauding the depth of this thing simply b/c it sounds “indie” whatever that means.. In truth there’s plenty of below average musicianship, arrangements that are boring (one time they got almost interesting with trumpets), and a vocal line that simply fails to deliver any punch to lyrics which at their best are vague and forgettable.  It sort of adds a punch I guess on further reflection when about :30 secs into each song I want to blast the guy in the face. I never thought I’d long for the droning of Dylan…and yet compared to this dude Dylan is Pavoratti.  I wasted 40 mins on this sucker which in the scope of the workday isn’t so bad….but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna drag out a review to list all of the absurd putridness of this thing.

Favorite Tracks:  Anything they left on the cutting room floor never to see the light of day.
Least Favorite Tracks: Anything I just suffered through.

Overall: 0.4   This is bad folk music.  A crooner who might be doing that “I can’t really sing” thing to give some type of superficial depth to his lyrics, and a musical accompaniment of guitar strumming that screams out “hey I can wander all over the place I’m a modern folk rock player”.   I don’t know why, but I always see this type of dreck embraced by the “indie” community.  Good for them, they can have it- b/c I sure as hell want nothing to do with it.

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