Seth Surmises-Kid A

Preconceived Notions: 

Radiohead has always meant two things to me: bleep bloop ambient noise and whiny vocals. I expected both in abundance.

 After Listening

I was not let down in either the bleep boops or the vocals. The word “overproduced” was invented for albums like Kid A. I heard glimmers of interesting music buried in a metric tonnage of extraneous electronic bullshit. I really should seek out cover versions. I probably will not.

 Favorite Track(s): Morning Bell had the least amount of space whales and robot farts, so I’ll mark it as my favorite.

 Least favorite: Treefingers, followed by every other track.

 Overall: 2.0 

My previous favorite Radiohead song was 2 seconds of Creep, where it sounds like they are trying to kick-start a guitar. It remains the only 2 seconds of Radiohead I have enjoyed. But I can see how others may like it.


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