Chris’ Cuts-Kid A

Preconceived notions: I’ve seen this album on so many so and so’s greatest albums of the ____. So I expected it to be good, though I know that super mega cool hipster guys with Harvard acceptance letters have a different opinion of music than I do. I was expecting it to be at the very least, a unique record.


Favorite track: The national Anthem, it was the only head-nodder on the album

Least favorite track: Motion picture soundtrack, way to send the album out with a whiney whimper

After listening to it I’d say: This is definitely a headphones album, I can’t see it being enjoyable in the car or on a boom box or anything like that. But I do appreciate the thickness of it. Its just not very tuneful. Not a lot of melody and for a simpleton like me that’s a negative.


Stars (1-5): 3.

On a good day, having never heard a word about the album or the band I might have been able to give it a 4 for the sounds. As it is today being no stranger to the hype and adoration I am giving it a 3 for being good in its own way, and yet not an album I think I’ll ever listen to again. And for anyone who said it was the best album of the ’00 decade (I’m looking at you pitchfork), you should have your license to review music revoked. The best album of any decade should be one you can rock to in your car, on a treadmill, at your computer, anywhere, not the sterile music experience that Kid A is. By no means a bad album but a “whuts da fussa bout” record if I ever heard one.

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