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Preconceived notions: I guess that I always equated Radiohead with Pink Floyd in some way, mostly because one of the girls who was roommates with a friend in college had both of their posters on her wall.  Even if they don’t really have that much to do with each other, they’ll always seem kind of similar to me.  I’m guessing it will be a little artsy-fartsy for me.  I also know that it’s towards the top of just about every music list made about music post-90s.


 After listening to it I’d say: I was pretty accurate about my assumptions.  It seems to me that there are a couple of reasons that I didn’t really love this album the way the music world would tell me I should.


Reason 1: I am listening to it for the first time roughly 11 years after its release


Reason 2:  It’s highly experimental and that’s not something I naturally gravitate towards. I didn’t find anything in any song that I could really find solid footing in.


Reason 3: I wasn’t high enough.


I will say though, that I think it’s one of those albums that isn’t stuck in a genre and one that will age pretty well.  I mean it was released in 2000 and 11 years later still sounds relevant.


Favorite track: Everything in its Right Place

Least favorite track: Just about everything else

Overall: 3

-It was bordering on a 2 for a while, but I do really like “Everything in its right place” it’s the “Citizen Kane” of the music world to me.  I can appreciate its standings in all of those charts made by people who probably know better, but that doesn’t mean I like it as much.  I think I’d much rather try “Pablo Honey” with songs like “Anyone Can Play Guitar”.


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