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Pre-Conceived Notions: Definitely hip-hop because I’m pretty sure the name has been mentioned at two or three points in the past year and a half.  Beyond that, not much.

After Listening: There’s too much going on to achieve anything more than “I like” or “I don’t like” after only one listen.  I’d have to listen to this several, and probably more than several times, to get everything that I would want out of it, but that’s what’s good about it.  The rhymes are intelligent and I kind of wish I wasn’t forced to also be working because I feel like I’d really like to be able to listen to every single lyric.

I really liked the alliterative, before and after “Fabulous Five Freddy Kreuger Finger Discount” in Delorean, and that’s just the beginning.  I’m also pretty sure he mentions “Narnia” in that one and the “Goonies”


Favorite Track:  Delorean

Least Favorite: I don’t really remember hearing anything that I really disliked, but everything before Delorean seemed to run together.

Overall: 4, I’ll definitely listen to it again, at some point.

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Raised in the Midwest, Marissa feels that she has absolutely no good defense for liking what she likes or nominating what she nominates. She likes it that way. With a preference for the indie music scene, there was a time before (alright a rough adolescence) filled with oldies, then country, then pop. She was an unabashed slave to Nsync, and boy bands in general, but not Backstreet Boys, god no! But that has passed. Marissa is passionate about music and about caring about music (and caring about things in general). She considers herself a stereotype, a cliche and a conundrum, all at the same time. When not listening to music Marissa enjoys watching movies, that she will sometimes review on her blog. She is an avid reader and a seasoned podcaster.

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