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Preconceived Notions – I know some people outside of this thread who enjoy these guys, and so I had heard some buzz about them, but the aforementioned will also listen to just about anything once….so I’m not sure really about anything…


After Listening:  Well, that wasn’t easy.  Neither is how to classify it.  If I divide it up into lyrics and then all of the accompanying stuff – beats, samples etc it gets a little clearer, but without a definite conclusion.  I like the lyrics, there’s some very clever lyrical stuff in there.  “Deep Space 9” gets bonus credit for the Unfrozen caveman Lawyer reference (although it later loses credit for resorting to a lame “right here holding my nuts” refrain).  The accompaniment though is largely pretty terrible, in fact I was struggling to appreciate any of the lyrics for like the first 5 tracks b/c it all sounded like similar hard to listen-to uninspired iterations of the same sythny drumtrack backing.

That said, I like the fact that these guys don’t seem to really care about making digestible music.  It’s at least an effort to be unique and create an overall album tone.  There are some standout moments when both the “music” and the lyrics combine pretty awesomely, but I’m not sure it’s enough to save the album for me.

Favorite Tracks:  “The Nang” – excellent.  Really. I mean if more songs where like this one I might consider buying this thing – excellent pace,  strong lyrics, and enough changes in the direction of the thing to prevent it from becoming monotonous.   “Delorean” – come on a piece where back to the future is a central theme?   “Stepfather Factory” – has the best lyrical idea on the album, a clever idea executed well.

 Least Favorite Tracks – Every track save the 3 mentioned above.  Seriously, I know the point of the artist here might have been to make the thing hard to listen to on purpose….and if so congrats, bang up job as there is plenty of monotony, and bludgeoning to go around on this thing.  While not all of the verses are gems, again it’s mostly the beats and music accompaniment that drag the rest of the thing to a near unlistenable stop at points.


Overall:  3.2 

The moments I mentioned that are good are very solid and that should at least put the thing in average category, although I could never envision listening to this whole thing again.   Maybe that’s not the point…maybe it’s not meant to be enjoyed 70 mins at a time.   In any case, it’s not something I will ever do to myself again….but if I’m in the car and someone wants to listen to The Nang…we can certainly turn it up and enjoy.

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