Chris’ Cuts-Fantastic Damage

Preconceptions: Well, as this was my pick and the fact that I’ve listened to it several hundred times I didn’t have many preconceptions. Other than I have the notion that I know this album inside and out. I remember that when I first received the records in the mail I had anticipated it being a lot more “rap heavy”  and not as production thick as it turned out to be.

After Listening: This is the first time I’ve listened to this via headphones in a really really long time. Probably 5 years or more. And low and behold I heard a couple of things here and there that I’d never heard before even after ten years of listening. They were nothing groundbreaking, but still after such a long time its nice to find new things.

Favorites: Tuned Mass Damper, Dr Hellno and the Praying Mantis, and Delorean

Least: I think my least favorite is still Stepfather Factory. I realize that the song is very personal to him and it does say a lot lyrically, I just don’t really like it. I don’t like the chorus mostly.

After Listening: I love the production. I love the lyrics. I love the pace. I love the images it conjures up. I love that I’ve heard this several hundred times but still have difficulties reading while listening to it. It demands attention. I could go on and on and on if you’d like. But you’d probably rather I just stop. I’m adding two new categories, just for my own “funsies”. With alcohol I’m going to go one of two ways, either what liquor does the album remind me of or what type of drinking setting does the album conjure up. With Movie, I’m just going to describe what type of movie this would make a good soundtrack to or what type of movie plays in my head when I listen to this.

Drink Up (Or what the album would be in alcohol form) Yukon Jack. Its somewhat abrasive at first. It has some force behind it. And it might be an acquired taste. But if you like it, it fks you up, in a good way.

Movie: Blade Runner. It has a futuristic, dystopian, the robots are taking over and boy are they pissed, type of feel to it.

Overall: 5 Stars

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