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Preconceived Notions: I used to (and sometimes still do) get the Kinks mixed up with The Knack, I apologize if this is blasphemous.  The distinction is becoming more clear though the more I watch “Pirate Radio” or if you’re British, like I’d prefer you to be, “The Boat That Rocked”.  All Day and All of the Night has really cleared up the difference for me.  I’m prepared to like them quite a bit, but I’m not entirely certain of what’s on this record

After Listening: I thought I’d like it more, but there were only two or three songs that stood out to me besides Waterloo Sunset.  I think I’m more of a “Greatest Hits” kind of girl with the Kinks as opposed to an “every album” kind of girl with this band, since I know for certain that there are at least four or five songs from other albums that I like.

Favorite Tracks: I hate to be cliché, but “Waterloo Sunset” is worth a couple of repeat listens.  I like thinking that this little tidbit from the Wikipedia page is true, even though it goes on to say that Ray Davies denied it: “The song was rumoured to have been inspired by the romance between two British celebrities of the time, actors Terence Stamp and Julie Christie

Least Favorite Tracks:  Tin Soldier was a rough one for me.  I’m not entirely certain why

Overall: 3 stars.

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