Slayer – Reign In Blood

F’ing Slayer.  I can’t usually imagine Slayer without that word in front of it.  How else can you sum up a band that got their start after a press packet featuring a photo of a bloody naked female “corpse” (rumored) got them local LA shows featuring heavy Satanic imagery?   As the years wore on, Slayer was less about the devil and more about just straight kicking your ass – and about the time they dropped Reign in Blood on the world in 1986 – well it was about the heaviest of all heavy metal.

Slayer’s brutal lyrical subjects are outdone only by the sheer tonnage of their accompanying avalanche of guitar riffs and double bass drumming.  It’s an acquired taste, but once you embrace them it’s a feverous one – you might even find yourself carving the band’s name in your arm, or on your back…

What’s that? You have no interest in that?  Well there’s room for you anyway, or not…Slayer doesn’t really care.  Afterall, they’re f’ing Slayer man.

Here’s a little diddy about the Holocaust to begin your journey….



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