Paul’s Perceptions – Rumours

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Preconceptions: I know what everyone else knows about this freakin’ album. I also remember that Stevie Nicks guest starred on Who’s the Boss once, and it was like supposed to be a big deal, but I was 12 or something and like, “who the fu*ck is Stevie Nicks, and why is she taking screen time away from Alyssa Milano”. I’m still sorta pissed about that.

After Listening: Man, I don’t freakin’ know. The harmonies and stuff are pretty and it’s got famous songs. I didn’t hate it at all, know what I’m sayin? I liked most of it, but this is just not the kind of stuff I dig on. Bravo for a pretty sounding and competently made record, with all sorts of legendary chops. I won’t be listening again, but of course I won’t have to seek it out because these songs are everywhere.

Faves: Go Your Own Way

Least: nothing in particular

Overall: 3 stars

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