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Preconceptions:  I might not have any…had I never listened to a radio station, watched tv, or went to college.  I did all of those things so there we are….

After Listening:  I always sort of picture this being the soundtrack of a Renaissance Festival after hours when the “players” are taking down the tents, chasing the livestock back into the crates, and polishing their swords (not a euphuism).   I always oscillate between thinking these guys and gals are talented overachievers, or lame noodlers with the type of all American blandness uncommon in a British band.   Yeah some parts are cool instrumentals, and appropriate vocals, it’s just in the end I care about so little of it.  And I’m sorry I realize the point of this experiment is to listen to how the lesser known songs blend with the mega hits and in that order…but I just don’t have the energy for that type of analysis right now.  Let’s just say nothing really sticks out as being awful in that respect.

Favorite Tracks:  “Go yourOwn Way”   & “You make Loving Fun”

Least Favorite Tracks: “Don’t Stop” – Yes, do stop. Stop now.

Overall: 3.0 And yes that rating means I couldn’t figure out what to do with it.  It isn’t horrible, but it’s not genius, it’s talented without really showcasing new (even for the time) stuff, it has a diverse range of instrumentation but not quite engaging enough arrangements.  It’s an album of paradoxes for me.

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40 has had training enough in classical theory to know roughly what he's talking about. As for talent, he considers himself a crappy guitar player. He has a BA in Audio & Sound Recording BA, so not only does music creation intrigue him, but also music production. He believes that expression takes all forms, and it has to be remembered that music is an art form and is ultimately about connection, communication, experimentation, creativity, freedom, emotion, and 100’s of other things.

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