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Preconceived Notions:  I think this was one of my curiosity picks.  If it wasn’t mine, then I’m glad someone else picked it.  I’ve never listened to this album all the way through.  I’ve heard the big hits, and, of course, saw the Glee episode based around this album. I actually bought their reunion album “The Dance”, but still had never heard all of this.  I guess I’m just a sucker for bands with a dramatic story, even if Mick Fleetwood himself is super creepy.

Second Hand News-kind of a throwaway song.  This is the song that people who consider themselves “true fans” would probably like because everyone else has already fawned over the actually good songs

Dreams-I think people are either fans of Stevie’s voice, or they’re not.  I love how distinctive her voice is and this is before she got too deep into everything, so it’s still really clear.  By the 80s it was a little more garbled.  It may not be the most rocking song to listen to at a concert at a stadium, but it’s a great song to put on on a rainy Sunday morning.

Never Going Back Again: Lindsey’s playing on this is great.  I, in general, like Lindsey Buckingham a lot.  Not as much as some of my friends, but I think his talent as a guitar player is generally underplayed.  Sweet sounding song full of cynicism.  I like it.

Don’t Stop:  I could take or leave this song.  It’s a little overplayed for my tastes and there’s nothing really musically challenging or interesting about it.  But it is the kind of song that works in a crowd of people, for some reason, or even better, with a marching band, as seen below, audiences love marching bands.  The guitar solo is my favorite part of this.


Go YourOwn Way: gets me every time.  I love it.  I was already looking forward to hearing it when Second Hand News started, and I’ll probably listen to it again.  I like that the phrase “shacking up” is used, in seriousness.  It seems to have a similar feeling as “I saw her again last night” to it, but with a little more of a kick in the pants.

Songbird:  Come on, is there anyone on this chain who doesn’t know me enough to know that I’d love this one?  If so, rethink your Facebook friendship with me.  It’s sappy, and some people will think crappy, but ever since I heard it in Love Actually (in 2003) it was kind of solidified for me, although that was a cover version, whether that makes you defriend me quicker is up to you.  It’s so simple and heartfelt, nothing eccentric, but sometimes that’s what music needs to be.

The Chain: sure it seems boring and kind of similar to don’t stop with the monotonous drum beat, but then it follows you down a dark abandoned streets and starts to speed up and catch you by surprise, and I like the ethereal voice sounds on it.

You Make Loving Fun- sounds super out of place on this album, not musically, thematically.  But then again, so did Songbird.  Maybe Christine McVie was the optimist of the group.  Poor girl.

I Don’t Wanna Know- I’m surprised by how much I like this song.  It could be because I listened to a lot of country music as a child and this sounds familiar.  Or it could be the handclaps.  Yes, it’s repetitive, but there’s something there, for me.

Oh Daddy-Am I the only one immediately creeped out by the title?  I don’t think I got beyond the creep factor.  There’s something about this that sounds slightly like The Eagles’ Hotel California for me, without the intriguing story behind it.

Gold Dust Woman- the quintessential Stevie Nicks song.  I’m ok with everything about this song.  They probably put it at the end because it’s the one that’s clearly the most eccentric.  I imagine what happened was they were just appeasing Stevie who was probably throwing a fit and agreed to put it on, but only as the last track.  Good for Stevie.

Overall-I’m still not entirely certain what caused this album to be a phenomenon, but it must have just been the timing of it.  I’m a total sucker for the stories behind the albums and this one is a doozie.  A divorce, rampant bed-hopping, and the musical talent to make decent music out of it all.  I sometimes wonder if Stevie and Lindsey wonder what would have happened if they hadn’t joined the band and I’m curious if the McVies would still be together.  I never wonder about Mick because he’s too dirty-old-uncle for me.  I agree with Chris Ryan’s hope that they would eventually make this story into a movie.  The only problem is it’d either be a crappy made-for-tv movie, or the big studios would mess it up by casting January Jones as Stevie Nicks.  Anyway, I’m almost as fascinated by these guys as I am by the Mamas & The Papas and The Beach Boys.  And the music is catchy too.

Score: 4.4 –more original songs, but some of them sounded too similar to each other.

Favorites: Go Your Own Way, Songbird

Least Favorite: Second Hand News

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