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Fleetwood Mac – Rumours: 3 stars

Precon: I might be the only one in RC who hasn’t heard this album. I’ve heard their radio hits. I can’t remember which ones. I think there are one or two I don’t mind and a couple others I could do without.

Favorite Track: The Chain
Least Favorite: Songbird

Dreams is pretty sistered all the way. Makes me think I’m grocery shopping.
Don’t Stop is in the same boat. I guess it’s a good song, but I’ve heard it since the day I was born so it’s not even music anymore, it’s just a part of the world. Makes me feel like I’m at some kind of street fair.
Go Your Own Way, damn maybe I have heard the majority of this album. The whole thing is pretty sistered. This one makes me think I’m watching a commercial.
The Chain is a good one. Heard it a lot but still like it.
Nice 70’s bass line on You Make Loving Fun.
I Don’t Want to Know is decent. Gold Dust Woman is pretty good.
It’s hard to rate this album. The songs I’ve already heard are musical Coca-Cola. The other ones are what I would expect other Fleetwood Mac songs to be. Decent, not tremendously appealing to me, but technically good I think. Like the 2006 Bears, they are who I thought they were. Crown their asses if you like.

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