Chris’s Cuts – Rumours

Preconceptions: I knew the stories. I knew the stats. I know that there’s a lot of backlash against this band. I know I have a friend or two that would put them in his top 3 most hated.

After Listening: I’ve listened to this 3 times in the past 365 days and it usually has the same feeling to me, it sounds like a greatest hits record. Not the band’s fault for cranking out so many hits. When I first listened to it I thought I had only heard one song (Go Your Own Way), turns out I had only not heard 2 tracks on the entire album. I generally dig it, I don’t love it love it, but I like it for the most part. Especially the first 3 songs, that’s a good opening trifecta. This is light rock, but its easy to listen to. It sounds like the feeling of driving fromPhoenixtoLos Angeles.

Favorites: Never Going Back Again – I love the guitar part. I Don’t Want to Know – it makes me bop (I’m kind of ashamed of bopping in my cube, but so be it)

Least: Go YourOwn Way– I’ve heard it too many times to like it. Oh Daddy – Barf. Don’t Stop – Double Barf.

Overall:  For me the hooray’s outnumber the barfs, but that is like averaging hundreds and zeros, you end up with 50s. So as a score I’d give this album a 3.5, I like it in a general sense. When I delete songs, add inSilver Spring, and listen to it as a 7 song album its much much better. That album would be a 4.5. I’ll probably listen to this again. I think I might have it on vinyl at home somewhere.

Alcohol: CubaLibre – “Ooh that sounds cool, I’ll have one of those. I don’t think I’ve ever had one. Whats in it? Rum and coke? I take it back, I’ve had thousands of those”.

Reviewed in one incomplete sentence: It’s the sound of tan, or beige.

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