Paul’s Perceptions – If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears

Mammas and the Papas — You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears

Preconceptions: I don’t know all that much about the Mammas and the Papas or this album other than generalities about how great it and they were, and some of the controversial stuff. Of course, I’m familiar with the big hits.

After Listening: I like it. The vocals are just really great and worth the legendary status. In spite of some corniness that can’t be ignored, I’d say that these songs are indeed timeless in every sense of the word. I enjoyed the some of the more soul and blues inspired stuff, and while I might nit desire to ever listen to this album in its entirety again, I can certainly dig on some individual songs every now and again and enjoy it.

Faves: Besides the super mega hits, I like Somebody Groovy and The In Crowd

Least: Got a Feelin’

Overall: 3.5 stars

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