40’s Insights – If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears

Preconceived Notions:  I pretty much forgot these guys and gals existed.  I have a vague feel about them, mostly from California Dreaming.  I do know that I will have to grab some coffee if I’m gonna make it through this in the morning.

After Listening: Well, it’s definitely period specific music.  Some people may find them timeless, I find them trapped right in that box of 60’s time.  This isn’t a horrible thing necessarily, while the musical arrangements do creep along at a blandish steady pace,  the vocal melodies are at times to be marveled at…they were doing their thing and you have to respect them for it.  The lyrics themselves are very much hit or miss, and more than half sound childish-again maybe that’s the dated feel of the time period.  Although at times I get a strong cheesy vibe from the music and lyrics and it’s genuinely funny- I mean maybe I’m laughing at them, but hey it’s producing laughter anyway.

Favorite Tracks: “California Dreamin” – Respect for a classic.    “Spanish Harlem” – Respect for that cheese factor mentioned above.  Ha!

Least Favorite Tracks:  I don’t have any tracks I loathe, things sort of blur together for me on the 2nd half of the thing.

Overall: 3.0  I’m not gonna punish thing horribly b/c it predates a lot of modern criticism.  I definitely do not want to listen to this thing in its entirety ever again: it’s a plodding album with few personal highlights.  But respect is due for the sheer talent of the vocals, and some of their musical influence.

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40 has had training enough in classical theory to know roughly what he's talking about. As for talent, he considers himself a crappy guitar player. He has a BA in Audio & Sound Recording BA, so not only does music creation intrigue him, but also music production. He believes that expression takes all forms, and it has to be remembered that music is an art form and is ultimately about connection, communication, experimentation, creativity, freedom, emotion, and 100’s of other things.

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