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Preconceived Notions- One of my favorite bands of all time, partially because they have one of the most interesting “Behind the Music” episodes of all time (the other band with my all-time favorite Behind the Music episode is Def Leppard).  I didn’t particularly take notice of them when I was younger and listening to Big-D 103, aside from their big hits like “California Dreamin’”but as time has gone on, they’ve carved out a special place in my heart.  The harmonies, the drama, the 60s-ness of the whole sound, I love it all.  I figured it was best to start with their first album since like Julie Andrews always reminds us “let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start”.

After Listening:  I always love Denny and Cass’ voices the most.  Denny’s is so clear and can be soft when appropriate.  It just brings so much to the table.  I think he’s one of the more underrated vocalists of all time.  The arrangements are fantastic, even if I still can’t figure out where the hell Michelle Phillips is singing.  I’m still convinced that they lowered her mic and just never told her.  This is fairly close to pop music genius.  Throw Brian Wilson in the mix and you get perfection (and an even more interesting Behind the Music)

Favorite Tracks: Monday, Monday/ Go Where You Wanna Go/CaliforniaDreamin’/ You Baby

Least Favorite: I can’t pick one right now.  I’d listen to every other track on this album at least 20 times before I had to listen to the Fetus song from Neutral Milk Hotel again

Overall: 4.7- knocking off .3 because there are a bunch of covers, but I still like the covers, so no harm, no foul.

But seriously, now listen to “I Saw Her Again Last Night” and listen to what a band tearing itself apart sounds like, sarcastic, cynical, angry, and bitchin harmonies.  So good.  I guess it’s the best thing Michelle ever did for the group, although Denny is partly to blame as well.



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