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The Mama’s and the Papa’s – If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears: 3 stars

Precon: They’re a bunch of good singers. You got the hot chick. They guy who had sex with his daughter. The lady who choked on a ham sandwich but really didn’t. And the other guy. I’ve heard the hits but never the album cuts. I just hope I can concentrate on the music and not Papa John being a scumbag.

Favorite Track: California Dreamin. A less obvious pick might have been The In Crowd but Cass’ voice was kind of annoying on that one.
Least Favorite: Spanish Harlem

I want to say Monday Monday is a classic, but it’s kind of on the fringe of pretty sister land. I think I’ve heard it at the dentist too much.
Holy crap Straight Shooter is just Beatles all the way. I know everybody was influenced by everybody else and all that, but this is uncanny.
I like the cover of Do You Wanna Dance.
The use of stereo is really weird on this album. Maybe it’s not made for headphones.
I never liked Spanish Harlem, and I’m not sure why. Now it’s not only annoying but also creepy and disturbing coming from John Phillips.
Nothing else stood out until their decent cover of The In Crowd. I love the Ramsey Lewis version of that song.
I’m giving this a slightly favorable rating for having some good high points. Overall, it’s kind of ho hum, easy listening fare that, while not bad, doesn’t do too much for me. At least I was able to forget about John’s parenting skills for most of it.

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