Chris’s Cuts – If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears

Preconceptions: I know who these people are. I know their hit songs. I wonder if the album cuts are just as good or if I know the songs I know because those are the good ones.

After Listening: Well, it is what it is, as the kids say. It’s a Mommas AND the Poppas album. You know what you’re getting. The harmonies are here, the songs that make you want to “bop” are here, the songs that make you want to be a tambourine player (as a profession) are also here. Nothing really surprising, but that’s not always bad.

Favorites: The Hits. And, “The In-Crowd” , by far one of the funniest songs I’ve heard in 2011. I’m going to put it on one of my youtube playlists so this song doesn’t get forgotten.

Least: The “Gotta Feelin’” type songs that are a lot like take out French fries from pizza places. You have to eat them absolutely as soon as possible or they’re going to get soggy. In the past 50 years a lot of songs on this album have gotten soggy.

Overall: I like songs about free love. I also usually like songs about drugs. This album has a bit of both. And some classic songs. One hilarious song. And a couple songs that suck. So lets say this album deserves a 3.5

Alcohol: Tom Collins. A drink you need to be reminded of now and then, but given the right setting and mood can be damn good.

Two Word Review: Harmonic SweetNLow

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