Paul’s Perceptions – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Neutral Milk Hotel, In the Airplane Over the Sea

Preconceptions: I’ve heard 2 songs ever, and I know they are part of the Elephant 6 thing, and that Titus Andronicus count them among their influences. I also know people go gaga for them. Let’s see what all the fuss is about, shall we.

After Listening: Well tie me to a post and kick me in the yam sack—this fu*cking record is rad to the power of sick. That’s, it’s so good that I needed to resurrect the greatest descriptive phrase of all time. I love everything about it—the moments of low-fi intensity, the somewhat awkward vocal styling, the abstract lyrics about semen, and I absolutely love how rockin’ the opening track is. Forte mentioned Dylan in his scathing review, and I actually hear the same sort of urgency in this music as I do with Dylan, but in a totally different frame, if that makes sense. This is an instant classic for me, seriously.

Favorite tracks: King of Carrot Flowers, Ghost and the Untitled track.

Least favorite: I dunno, maybe Communist Daughter if I had to choose. But that’s not really a bad song

Overall: 4.8 stars

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