40’s Insights-Something Else By The Kinks

Preconceived Notions: Unfairly or not I have always thought of the Kinks as poor man’s Beatles. I haven’t heard much from them though and am certainly open to examining them further.

After Listening:  Wow. Did not like this one.  It’s so bland I can’t take it, sorry for those that do enjoy it, but it just got on my nerves after about 4 songs. Its energy, song structure, vocals, they’re all just kinda there…it makes two minute songs sound like 5.  For the era I’m sure this was passable, and people respect Ray Davies as a musician and songwriter….but there’s very little on this album that resonates.

Favorite Tracks: “Love me til the Sun Shines” – was a little poppy but a welcome change from the 1st  part of the album. It was the 1st track I felt any energy on.  “Funny Face” – catchy and short thank you.

Least Favorite Tracks:  “No Return”,  “Afternoon Tea”, Death of a Clown”,  “Two Sisters”, and “Tin Solider man”  so many deserving choices.

Overall:  2.0 – Just a disconnect from this thing. One point given for the “legend of the Kinks”.

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