Riss’s Ramblings – The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust

Preconceived Notions:  Absolutely None.  I’m intrigued by the Ziggy Stardust reference, so there’s either something humorous, something theatrical or something kind of arty (beyond just music) happening, maybe, but I’ve never heard of Saul Williams or this album.

Sunday Bloody Sunday-I love this song, but hearing this version just makes me want to hear the original. I don’t mind what they’ve done in the remixing, it’s just not the first song that I would ever think would get the digital treatment.  But I suppose thematically it’s not a surprising choice.

Raw-reminds me of “Closer” but that could be because I did see Trent Reznor’s name bandied about in the intro email and my brain was subconsciously looking for comparisons.

Skin of a Drum-has really strong and epic-sounding verses and the choruses underwhelm

Banged and Blown Through Probably will be my least favorite cut of the album

The Ritual- I lied this is my least favorite cut.  As an audio cut that is.  The beginning is just too monotonous and off-putting for me.  I turned into my mother on this track and that rarely happens.  I can grasp at understanding the reasoning behind the repetition of the words, especially within the context of this album, but with the music behind it, for some reason it just comes off as cheaper than it should.

Can’t Hide Love- I was so distracted by the awful musical aspect that I couldn’t even focus on the words

List of Demands- I love every single aspect of production on this.  The drum beat is infectious and it sounds like something that might have come from Andre3000.  I’m ok with that.  I’ll listen to this track several times of the course of the day.

At least 3 of the last 5 tracks of the album are stronger than the middle tracks.  Why in the world would these be included as bonus tracks?!?!  I would have easily made the decision to replace the last 5 tracks with these

I guess overall, I like more of the legitimately rock-based, and perhaps it turns out I’m not so much a fan of “industrial”.  I also think that this would have been better, for me, if more of the tracks had been kind of either or.  Either music or poetry.  I liked the set up of “Pedagogue of a Young God” a lot.  There was something cinematic about the best of the tracks, but there was a real lag there in the middle of the album for me.  If I had known more going in, I think I would have liked more of the tracks, but it’s an album that needs some explanation.  Like when I went to see the movie Bug in theaters and thought it was so ridiculous that at the end of the movie right before the credits I laughed out loud.  Then when I found out it was an adaptation of a play, it suddenly all made sense to me, and I slightly regretted laughing.

Favorites: Convict Colony, List of Demands

Least Favorites: The Ritual, Can’t Hide Love

Overall 3.4- but the tracks I liked I really, really liked.  And now I kind of want to listen to one of my all-time favorite records, the soundtrack to Il Postino.

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