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of Montreal- Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?: 5 stars

Precon: One of my favorite albums of all time. I was looking forward to it when it came out, but it didn’t really hit me on the first listen. I thought it was decent, and I remember being surprised that the 12 minute song kept my interest, but I wasn’t going crazy over it. Well the more I listened the more I absolutely loved it, especially learning about the story behind it. Now it’s in the pantheon.

Favorite Track: The Past is a Grotesque Animal. Melts my face off.
Least Favorite: Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider. Hard to pick but I’ll go with this. One of my favorite song titles though.

The evolution of this band is remarkable. They started off making simple pop songs about simple things like looking into your girlfriend’s eyes or wishing your best friend was a girl. Then they began to create these elaborate fantasy worlds populated by colorful characters. This went on for a few albums until singer Kevin Barnes slipped into a depression. His marriage was on the rocks and he was about to become a father, and the music started getting stranger. Hissing Fauna details the culmination of all this as he breaks up with his wife and becomes Georgie Fruit. The next two albums would continue the hyperglamsexual Fruit persona and here we are today. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Suffer for Fashion – Good song to start the album. I like it more as the years have gone by.

Sink the Seine – I never paid this song much attention, just thought it was a nice little interlude, until I met some guy who was all about it at last year’s show. Now I always think of that guy and how happy this 1 minute song makes him.

Cato as a Pun – The beginning of the breakup. So much emotion and it all gets distilled into that one guitar note that just burns. “What has happened to you and I and don’t say that I’ve changed cause man of course I have.”

Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse – One their greatest pure pop songs ever, and I love the idea that he’s singing to his antidepressants.

Gronlandic Edit – Almost impossible not to move a body part when listening to. Love the line “I guess it would be nice to give my heart to a god, but which one, which one do I choose?”

A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger – A sneakily good song chronicling the low point of his depression while he was living in Norway. These past 3 tracks are a supremely awesome trio of pop songs.

The Past is a Grotesque Animal – The first part of the album is over. Now it’s time for the breakup. This song is a total catharsis and he supposedly transforms into Georgie Fruit by the end but I don’t think that actually happens until two songs later. Whatever way you slice it, this song is incredible. 12 minutes and I’m never tempted to press the skip button. I love how every so often a new layer is added and the lyrics are never repeated. It just keeps driving forward. One of my all time favorites.

Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider – I think this is where he begins to adopt the Georgie Fruit persona.

Faberge Falls for Shuggie – And now the transformation is complete. From here on out it’s pure Georgie, and I don’t just mean the rest of this album, I mean for the next two albums. I just hope he keeps evolving and doesn’t stay on this forever. It’s been a fun ride though.

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