Chris’s Cuts – Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer

Preconceptions: I know a little bit about this band. I’ve heard the song that was changed into an Outback Steakhouse commercial. I liked the tour ofEnglandsong that Josh sent the other day.

After Listening: I like Of Montreal a lot, in small doses. About halfway through this album I felt as if I had reached my threshold for bopping Liberace at mall wearing neon sunglasses sound. What was cute and irreverent at first decended into annoying and eventually into irritating. Ultimately I do not have the stamina for more than 15 minutes of Of Montreal. I don’t dislike them, at that dosage level. If I were forced to listen to nothing but them for an entire day I’d hate both the band and the person or persons forcing me to do that.

Favorites: Gronlandic Edit,FabergeFallsfor Shuggie  though I already cant remember why as I’ve begun cleansing my auditory palatte and only remember that these songs were songs that I liked.

Least: There were no true “least favorites” only songs that I did not have the patience for.

Overall: This album is very hard to explain. At the risk of sounding homophobic (which I assure you I am not), this is the gayest sounding album I’ve ever heard. Not Neil Patrick Harris gay but super flaming type gay. And that’s not to criticize it or to praise it, its just that’s what it sounds like to me. If I were at all interested in Political Correctness I would have called it very “glam”.

I like the strange noises here and there for what seem to be no reason, but I dislike that there are no sustaining melodies or choruses, just ramblings that come and go. This album also reminds me of snickers bars, they are best served in the tiny size that you get at Halloween or Easter, they’re doable in candy bar size, and are gross in their “king size” format. Play me any Of Montreal song, at any time, but only once, and I’ll almost certainly like it. Play me 6 Of Montreal songs and I’ll start to dislike both you and them. I give this a very solid 3, or whatever exactly halfway between the worst album ever and the best album ever would be.

Alcohol: Amaretto. A sip of Amaretto is great. A glass of Amaretto is good once in a while. Two glasses of Amaretto is a stomach ache. A bottle would be begging for a death that doesn’t come.


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