40’s Insights – Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Preconceived Notions:  I haven’t been a real fan of anything the Boys have put out since the early 90’s.  I mean I like them, I give them respect or dap or whatever. But I don’t own anything “recent” by them and the occasional song playing somewhere is good enough for me from their last 3 albums or so.

After Listening:  I am intrigued by some of the stuff on here, it’s clearly not the Beasties I remember from recent underwhelming efforts.  So that makes me happy.  That’s not to say there aren’t some throw away tracks on this thing. Most notably in this area are the “echo” tracks, it seems when they rely heavily on this device they sort of mail in the rest of the song. The beats and accompaniment are also hit and miss on this, sometimes it’s so smooth and fitting, other times it reeks of cheese that goes beyond the “self mock” thing the boys often have going for them.

Favorite Tracks  “Make Some Noise” – love the accompaniment on this, a nice simple beat selection, and the tone of the bass synth is nice and full.  The energy level is also fairly high without stepping on itself.

“Long Burn the Fire” – I like the keyboard intro, the scratching samples are perfectly timed, and of course…it’s got a Kenny Rogers Roasters reference.  It’s a winner.

“Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament” – what a bass tone!  The track is like a pleasant trance, only slight more complicated and layered underneath. A perfect pause and break in the album.

Least Favorite Tracks:  “Non Stop Disco Powerpack” – I guess they were going for old skool here? Falls flat I think, too monotone and slow with way too much reverb.  Boring.

“Ok 2.50” – The accompaniment is grating, it’s simply too repetitive and the vocals then try to match the line, and it just makes it worse.  Bad.

“Tadlock’s Glasses” – This one starts off with a lot of promise, but then it pretty much is buried in overproduction on the vocals, and the positive electronic noisy opening becomes something that overwhelms the rest of the thing.

Overall: 3.6  It’s possible I like this more with more listenings, for this 1st one I’m encouraged.  The stuff they do right is easily the best stuff I’ve heard from them in a long time.  I don’t see any of these being uber memorable though, so I’m not prepared to give it a “great” album status at this point.  We’ll see if that changes in the future…

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