Riss’s Ramblings – Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Preconceived Notions:  I’ve heard all of the big singles and listened to Licensed toIlla fair few times but I’d say I’m a casual, lower-case “f” fan.  I like their style a lot, it’s just I’m always drawn towards different genres before hip hop.


As Listening: I’ve listened all the way through and I want to go back again.  That’s a good sign.  There were some songs that caught my attention immediately, but I definitely need another listen to decide on favorite album tracks.  This is the inherent problem with “new” albums, but it’s a problem I’m glad to have.  The production on this record is pretty fantastic.  For as much as there is going on, sample-wise, lyrics-wise, random-robot-noise wise, nothing is too overwhelming.  I think when you look at their previous albums, this makes total sense as the next step in where they’d go, but there’s enough both of the stuff that worked for them and of new things that they’re trying that it’s both familiar and fresh.


Favorite Track: Say It, Long Burn The Fire, Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament

Least Favorite Track: Lee Majors Come Again

Random Fast Food Shout outs: Long Burn The Fire has references to a Big Mac attack, Taco Bell and to Kenny Roger’s Roasters.  Despite the fact that Ad-Rock claims that the latter has the potential to make people sick, I like to give credit for such a random lyrical pull.

Good Call: Hearing MCA confirm that he doesn’t wear Crocs and he doesn’t wear sandals on Funky Donkey warms my heart.

Overall: 4

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