Seth Surmises – The Wildest!

Preconceptions: I loved Stanley Tucci’s Big Night, so this has to kick a little ass, n’est pas?After Listening: It’s impossible for me not to smile listening to this. I wish I had some gin and a dance floor.

Favorite Tracks: (I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead) You Rascal You, is playfully fuckyou-ish, Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody is so much better than it’s cover, and the tempo change in Buona Sera makes me grin.

Least Favorite: The Lip is a novelty song and nothing else.

Overall: It won’t have enough electronic bleeping and gronking for some, and certainly isn’t fascinated by it’s own navel but if you dismiss these songs as corny relics, there is something wrong with you. Far from being dated, The Wildest still says “party” more than any Lil Jon disc could ever. I guess that’s why 60s Mafiosi, Long Island rockabilly dudes andCaliforniahair-rockers are still into it.

Rating: 4.0

Extra Credit: Louis Armstrong- Struttin’

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Seth (in a nutshell) is an aging punk rocker and five year resident of Cubistan, taking the office job after many years in music & fashion retail. He is a lifelong New England resident, with the exception of a year spent in Orlando Florida, the armpit of the universe. He is a skeptical cynic with a hairtrigger bullshit detector. Seth lives in Brass City, Connecticut with his wife, Vicki; his cat, Norwegian Black Metal; and his wife’s cat, who’s name he forgets.

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