Paul’s Perceptions – The Wildest!

Preconceptions: Familiar with about half this album, but never listened to in its entirety. I have respect and affinity for Louis Prima for a few reasons. Firstly, he’s a paesan (practically, he’s Sicilian) and he was a maverick for his time. He is sort of the opposite of Sinatra, who rejected rock n roll, and for all his talent was never really very innovative. But, it’s a little unfair to compare the two, as Sinatra is just a singer. But I digress. Back to Prima—he also has a great and distinctive voice and is a one of a kind, in general, and is easily the most soulful Italian American of all-time.. From what I do know of this particular album, it smashed a lot of genres together in a cool way.

After Listening: Hearing the entire album is great. I love it from start to finish. You gotta love Keely Smith’s voice and the chemistry between her and Prima. I love the jazz rock fusion thing, and in general there are many classic moments. Also, it was very refreshing to be reminded of Prima’s versions of Gigolo and Jump Jive, before the David Lee Roths and Brian Setzers of the world got their hands on em’. Overall, I’d have to say I love this record.

Favorites: Besides the famous songs, I like For My Baby and the trumpet song Body and Soul

Least: hmmm, not because it’s a bad song, but if I had to choose a least it would be Basin Street Blues

Overall: 4.7 stars

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