Chris’s Cuts – The Wildest!

Preconceptions: None. I had never heard of this dude. In my mind he was a long haired professional wrestler. Possibly the musical alter ego of Jake the Snake Roberts.

After Listening: Not a lot of wrestling here. And I know why I’ve never heard of this dude.

Favorites: The Lip. And all of the instrumentals. Because they had the least amount of singing.

Least: The Gigolo song. I don’t like the David Lee Roth version and his version has tainted this. I wont even mention that “other song” because I have mentally deleted it from this album.

Overall: “It’s not really my cup of tea, because I don’t like my tea with lumps of sht in it” – Nick Swardson. Its not that I hated it so much as never in 32 years and 1 day on this planet have I ever been in the mood for this type of music. I find no great faults with it other than it and I are never going to find ourselves on stylistically. I like his trumpeting. That’s cool. I don’t like the lyrics. They suck. For a grade I will give this album a 2.5 if I am allowed to delete that one particular song. If I am forced to include it please score it a 1.8.

Alcohol: Miller High Life. There’s nothing really wrong with it, and one can be good, but honestly, how many would you really want to drink?

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