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Preconceived Notions: I have never heard of this band before, from their name I am going to guess they are some sort of Pop rock/punk group?  Let’s find out….

After Listening: I wasn’t too far off…..Britishy punky…alterny…but…I don’t hate it.  Sure there are parts of it I hate-but some of it reminds of groups like the Cribs-which I am fond of…at its best the album is catchy with good harmonies and vocals that are slightly better than average.  Actually on “Demons” the beginning sounds a lot like a “Who” vocal melody to me, but maybe I’m just racist against Britts and lump them all together.  Anyway, the point is I always look to see if the band can separate itself from the hundreds of others doing similar things.   They do a slightly better than average job in that arena particularly with the use of the little background touches that can separate a song from going straight from A-B in predictably.

Favorite Tracks: “Herman Loves Pauline” – I like a lot of the background parts of this one, the backing vocals, the weird sythn’ed out screeches etc… “Play it Cool” – the keyboard riffs and clean guitar parts are pretty solid, the beat is simple enough not to F*ck that up.

Least Favorite Tracks: “She’s got spies” = the heroin style opening grates on my nerves but was at least a little interesting the switch to the half baked poppy punk riff was much less interesting.   “Chupacabras”  = sounds like something a bad sitcom might play during a sped up montage of the main characters at the mall shopping – hilarity ensues.   “Mountain People” chorus half sounds like the Rolling Stones “Wild Horses” and that song sucked too.


Overall:  3.3  I would say that at least the catchy parts of this thing are worth a look.


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