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Pre-conceived Notions:  I’m still no aficionado of Waits, but I know that the voice is like 60% of the schtick.  I enjoyed the first album we listened to, so I’m curious to see if I like this one better or less.

As listening/After listening:

Singaporesounds like something that Terry Gilliam would have been listening to while writing “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and that’s why Waits was cast.  It’s sort of an underground circus feel to it.

This album is definitely different atmospherically.  It’s better to listen to at work, I think

Cemetery Polka (seeSingaporecomments) but more points for adding the descriptive “And I hear she has a wooden leg”

Jockey Full of Bourbon reminded me of this : http://www.mtv.com/videos/squirrel-nut-zippers/10096/hell.jhtml#artist=569 even though I’m sure Waits’ came first.

Diamonds & Gold makes me feel like I should be a chimney sweep http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te_Nv3lMUnA

I really like Time it sounds appropriately regretful and melancholy but not depressive.

Gun Street Girl got monotonous after a while.

I also really like Downtown Train but it seems like the most out of place track on this album.

If I’m going for generalisms, I would say I am more of a fan than a detractor to Waits.  Although, I liked the first album we listened to better.  It reminded more of being in a smoky underground club where semi-dangerous, but also semi-intriguing things might be seen.  This one sounded like I’d been abducted in Harlem by the clown from “IT” and that my only escape would be kicking the trunk of the car open and rolling out on a dirty, damp street, and running to the nearest building which happened to be a gathering of homeless, dirty, damp polka people.  I didn’t hate it by any means, I just felt like the first one was more musically my taste and not quite so reliant on the same sounds.

Overall: 3.7 for Waits this time around.

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