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Preconceptions: Well, I knew that I hated Tom Waits. And I knew that this was Tom Waits. I figured I would loathe it and that it would make me question my own integrity by being constantly tempted to turn it off and listen to something good instead and just fudge my review.

After Listening: Well, it is Tom Waits, but it’s the best I’ve heard. (notes are available for those interested in my notes)

Favorites: Time – until it gets too repetitive. 9th & Hennepin except for the forced poetry of the beginning.
Least: That seven track song that begins the album, I know it says that its 7 different songs, but I think it lies.

Overall: 1.5    I tried really hard to like this, and in spots I feel like I did, sort of. I’m glad we’re done with it, and I’ll never listen to it again by choice, but I wont try to hold my breath until I pass out if I ever am forced to listen to it again. The first 7 songs sound like the cookie monster accompanied by a marimba. I thought it was a kid’s album. But then once the album gets frustrated with him and re-sets him a bit he comes back a lot better. I don’t think many of those songs are particularly good, but they are at least different from the monotony of the beginning of the album. I really like the idea of Tom Waits, “living in a basement apartment onWashington streeta block from the river” trying to record “the sounds of people who live outside”. I just don’t like Tom Waits in practice, its nowhere near as good as the idea. And before anyone says “oh, you still don’t like Tom Waits? TRY MORE TOM WAITS.” Josh already tried that. And I offered him a deal, I would listen to the songandfullfuckingalbum he wanted me to listen to and then I could brand him. With a coat hanger.

Alcohol: Ballantine’s Scotch. Its scotch that costs about 10 dollars a 2 litre. By all accounts it should be horrible, but if you mix it with lemonade eventually it starts to taste okay, but you’re pretty drunk.

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