Seth Surmises – What’s The Story Morning Glory?

Oasis- What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

Preconceptions: I never had this album, but I dated teenaged girls in the 90s so I heard a lot of Radio 104’s “Modern Rock”. It’s that Wonderwall album by those Gallagher boys who ripped off Ray & Dave’s feuding brothers gimmick. I think the soap-opera aspect of their press turned me off before I gave them a chance.

After Listening: It’s better-than-average mid-90s commercial pop.

Favorite Tracks: Champagne Supernova, She’s Electric
Least Faves: Roll With It, the two Untitled tracks

Overall: Well, I admit that there is always a need in the world for the catchy pop tune. Be they songs about girls, songs about cars, or songs about girls in cars, pop songs speak to us all whether we like it or not. Oasis makes those pop songs that you can enjoy without feeling like a drooling retaahd. Nothing too deep. Deep is the enemy of the pop song. Not so lyrically shallow that you can sing along the first time you hear it. Musically, they have aged better than most of their contemporaries. It’s not something I’ll ever NEED to hear in order to get through a day, but it won’t make me jam my fingers into my ears.

Rating: 3.0

Extra Credit: For the 90s powerpop: Matthew Sweet- Girlfriend
For the REAL pride ofManchester: Morrissey- You are the Quarry

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