Paul’s Perceptions – What’s The Story Morning Glory?

Preconceptions: The hits are catchy, and I really like Wonderwall, but overall I’ve always had the feeling that Oasis is mostly corny and undeserving of as much attention that they get for either their music or their brother feud and substance abuse issues. Overrated, corny and a part of the 90s I can mostly do without.

After listening: Yeah, my hunch was right. I know a lot of people love them, and even some cool artists say they are an influence, but after listening to an entire album, I still believe they are most certainly mostly corny, with a few moments of not as corny, with occasional catchy and decent songs. They don’t look cool, I think most of the songs are corny, I don’t know what the fu*ck they’re saying in interviews, and the Gallaghers can basically go jump off the Salford Quay Millennium Bridge for all I care. Fu*ck them and their silly songs and drama.

Favorites: I like Wonderwall I guess, and I kinda dig Morning Glory because the guitars are a little more ballsy
Least: Roll With It, because its corny and lame sounding; and those stupid Swamp Songs, because it sounds like they were trying hard to sound badass when they’re not, and that is just corny. As far as I’m concerned, Noel and Liam could dial up those songs on their Ipods, hold hands and jump off the mother*fucking Silver Jubilee Bridge and sink to the bottom of the River Mersey, while wearing some corny-ass Lennon sunglasses. Fu*ck those clowns.

Overall: I love it, 4.7… just kidding, I never want to hear it again, 2.5 (Sorry Chris)

Extra Credit to wash away the corny—listen to some Clash

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