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Preconceived Notions:  When I think of Oasis I think of the concept of whorery…ummm…whoreishness? . I 1st heard of Oasis at my campus radio station in 1995 (where I was a carefree youthful dj) and I heard of it through a buddy of mine that was pushing it for airplay pretty hard.  You see kids, payola did not really die in the 50’s, it just went off the books a little.  My bud worked for a record marketing firm-which was hired by record labels to push product to radio stations all over the country.  It’s even funnier when they push it on college music directors as the convos usually go a little something like this “hey is that the new whatever cd”  “yep” “didn’t they send us like 40 t-shirts and some beer cozies”  “yep”  “bet that album really sucks”  “yep”.

It got to the point where the more sh*t they sent us and the more calls they made to see what the “spin” count was, the more we knew the thing was gonna blow.  Like with movie trailers – the more times you see them on tv, the more you know it’s going to be absolutely horrid.

Anyway, the point is I had an onion on my belt-no, I mean I listened to the “hit” singles off this thing in the radio station production room with some people that really liked them.  Including the kid who (surprisingly enough) worked for the marketing firm that was pushing them.  I didn’t really like them, at least I didn’t see much difference in them than about 70% stuff we were playing at the time.  Except maybe that they were English. Maybe it was b/c when this Oasis album “blew up” a few short weeks later I did a double take and couldn’t recall having heard them before even though my friend insisted we had, and made me remember how much he had liked them and pushed them. He was subsequently, nicknamed the “Corporate Rock Whore” for the totality of his efforts on this and similar endeavors.  Over time of course, that’s a little long for a nickname and he just became known as “whore” .

So when I think of Oasis I think of a whore.

After Listening: This thing is just sort of there.  I can see why I initially didn’t remember listening to it.  I feel like almost every song is a derivative of something else- better.   None of the songs is particularly offensive and I think vocally they do a good job of matching their voices to the melody lines they create.  They also have a pretty decent recording mix as on some songs the have a varied amount of instruments and everything is clear and discernable.  But even here, over the course of the album it melds into one big bland arrangement.   And I haven’t even gotten to the obvious Beatles comparison/criticism (mostly b/c I don’t want to drag the Beatles down).  Now they aren’t completely generic like the Van Zandt project- you can tell some effort was put into the songs…it’s likely the effort to determine which songs they’re going to borrow from…but still a modicum of effort.

Favorite Song: “Don’t Look at the Champagne Wonderwall”  That’s what it’s called right?  Oh…well, f it.
Least Favorite: “Cast no Shadow” – I almost want to make this one a favorite since at least it’s memorable.  They try with a string section, and backing vocals….but in the end, it forms in a cheesy “call and response” that just does not work.

Overall 2.4 – I can see why people like the “hits” on this thing.  They are short catchy and poppy, unfortunately there’s nothing new about them, nothing that makes them stay with you after it’s over. Perfectly forgettable…now if you don’t mine I’m going to go pop in Revolver.

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